About BSNedu.org

As multiple studies reveal a direct relationship between the proportion of BSN-educated RNs on staff and improved patient outcomes – including lower rates of infection, readmittance and mortality – healthcare providers are making every effort to increase the number of BSNs they employ. Healthcare providers now show a strong preference for BSN-educated RN job candidates during the hiring process, while some hospital systems now require a BSN as the minimum qualification.

In an even more proactive approach to increasing the proportion of BSN-educated RNs on staff, hospital systems now offer tuition reimbursement, scheduling accommodations and other incentives to encourage their RNs to return to school to complete RN-to-BSN bridge programs.

BSNedu.org was created to satisfy the growing demand for information on both prelicensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs and post-licensure RN-to-BSN bridge programs.

Who We Are

We are an independent group of web publishers committed to developing user-friendly resources on healthcare education. We admire nurses that put in the extra effort to go beyond meeting the base requirements for RN licensure, and respect the unique level of skill and leadership BSN-prepared nurses bring to the clinical environment. We work to support the larger nursing community and advocate for initiatives that make BSN programs more accessible and more affordable.

Since we are not dependent on any outside funding and have no outside affiliation, we were able to develop BSNedu.org as a dedicated resource designed to serve the needs of the nursing community. We work directly with BSN-educated RNs and BSN students to get a real understanding of the kind of objective resource nursing students are looking for.

Our writing staff brings years of experience conducting research and writing on the topics of education, nursing and healthcare:

Rebecca Turley – Rebecca is an experienced writer and editor with a BA in Journalism and Communications. Throughout her career, she has contributed to high-profile websites and blogs related to healthcare, education and nursing.
Dr. Helga George – Dr. George began her writing career after fulfilling her lifelong dream of performing research on plant defense chemicals. She earned a BS in Agriculture from Cornell University, an MS in Plant Pathology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Cornell University. Dr. George also conducted postdoctoral research on the biochemistry of avocados at the University of California Santa Barbara where she obtained a USDA grant to fund her research.
Susan Maphis – Susan is a writer and editor with a BA in Psychology. She has conducted research and written on topics related to higher education, healthcare and nursing throughout her career. Susan’s work has been published both in print and on many websites.

Our Mission

Our mission here at BSNedu.org is simple: We strives to serve as a free, unbiased, comprehensive resource for anybody interested in earning a BSN, either as a path to initial RN licensure or as a post-licensure degree.

As a comprehensive resource for new nursing students and existing RNs considering their education options, BSNedu.org is here to help. We encourage visitors to use this resource freely and share it among their peers.

Here at BSNedu.org we provide:

  • State-by-state guides on scholarships and education incentives available through local employers and state agencies working to make a bachelor’s-level education more accessible to all nurses
  • Information on entrance requirements and credit transfer allowances for pre-licensure and post-licensure students, as well as those from other backgrounds considering a career change to registered nursing
  • Degree guides that describe the various entry-points for nurses and aspiring nurses (pre-licensure BSN, RN-BSN, LPN/LVN-BSN, and accelerated programs for professionals with bachelor’s degrees in areas other than nursing)
  • Career guides that provide a clear explanation of the career paths, specializations and related specialty certification available to BSNs
  • State by state salary guides that provide information on what BSN-educated RNs earn as compared to their ADN/diploma-prepared peers (from surveys conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and ADVANCE)
  • Blogs on current issues concerning BSN programs and the nursing profession in general




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