BSN Salaries in Rhode Island

New health care initiatives in Rhode Island have created fresh challenges for the nursing field, including a dramatic increase in patients with access to medical care and an expansion of preventive care combined with the rapid growth of medical technology and an aging population with a higher rate of chronic conditions.

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These challenges are best met by advancing nursing education and expanding nursing knowledge. Earning a BSN equips RNs with the tools, resources, and broadened perspective needed to manage an increasingly complex healthcare environment, and earn more money while doing it. RNs with a bachelor’s degree in Rhode Island are earning higher salaries and have more opportunities for advancement than ever before.

Salaries for BSN-educated RNs in Rhode Island

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2013 salary report, top earning RNs , which are those with more experience and Baccalaureate degrees, earned the following in Rhode Island.

  • 75th Percentile Annual Salary – $86,610
  • 90th Percentile Annual Salary – $94,640
  • 75th Percentile Hourly Wage – $41.64
  • 90th Percentile Hourly Wage – $45.21

The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training lists the average hourly wage for RNs as $41.64.

The “CareerBuilders” website differentiates between the average annual salaries of RNs with Associate degrees and Bachelor’s degrees as follows:

  • Associate degree – $72,918
  • BSN – $82,526

Rhode Island has roughly half a dozen RN to BSN programs, both on-campus and online, that fit with the schedule of a working RN. The increased demand for BSNs has resulted in many Rhode Island hospitals offering generous tuition assistance programs to current employees, sometimes as much as 100 percent of tuition costs.

Analyzing BSN Salaries in Key Areas of Rhode Island

Salaries for top-earning RNs in the city of Providence are shown here, as reported by the US Department of Labor in 2013:

Area name
Hourly 90th percentile wage
Norwich-New London CT-RI
Providence-Fall River-Warwick RI-MA

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