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BSN Salaries in Nevada

According to the Nevada Department of Employment, nurses that earn a BSN will often qualify for jobs that involve more advanced clinical responsibilities. Also, LPNs and RNs that participate in progression programs leading to a BSN will increase their chances of career advancement, which is likely to lead to higher pay offers.

Studies conducted by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing indicate that as of 2013, there were 1,191 students enrolled in either a bachelor or graduate-level nursing program. That same year, 551 students graduated from either a bachelor or graduate nursing program and entered the workforce.


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Whether for new or aspiring nurses considering their education options or licensed RNs and LPNs looking to achieve a higher credential, the BSN offers opportunities to take on more responsibility and enjoy higher earnings.

An Analysis of Earnings for BSN-Prepared RNs in Nevada

One of the best ways for nurses to optimize their salary potential is by staying current with educational standards in their profession. Recent surveys conducted by the Nevada Board of Nursing show that as the BSN begins to be viewed as the new minimum standard in nursing, it has become the most common degree among nurses in the state:

  • BSN: 5%
  • ADN: 58%
  • Master’s NSG: 23%
  • BS/BA non-NSG: 07%
  • Practical NSG: 24%
  • Diploma: 05%

Average Hourly Wages

It well known that registered nurses with BSNs in Nevada often earn higher salaries than colleagues that only have an associate’s degree or diploma. The Nevada Department of Employment has determined that BSN-educated registered nurses at the higher end of the pay scale earn an average hourly wage of $43.98.

Here are the average hourly wages for BSNs in different locations across Nevada:

  • Las Vegas-Paradise: $45.23/hr.
  • Carson City: $42.45/hr.
  • Balance of State: $41.43/hr.
  • Reno-Sparks: $40.68/hr.
  • West Central Counties: $34.16/hr.

Average Monthly Salaries

Some registered nurses with BSNs only work in a particular setting for a few months before they transfer to another job or another location. Therefore, it may be helpful to research monthly wage statistics.

The Nevada Department of Employment reports that top-earning RNs with a BSN degree, earn an average monthly salary of $7,622.

Here are the average monthly salaries for BSNs in various regions throughout Nevada:

  • Las Vegas-Paradise: $7,838/mo.
  • Carson City: $7,357/mo.
  • Balance of State: $7,180/mo.
  • Reno-Sparks: $7,050/mo.
  • West Central Counties: $7,180/mo.

Regional Salary Data for BSNs in Nevada

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that only one in five registered nurses work part-time jobs. By comparison, the vast majority work full-time and are compensated with annual salaries.

Registered nurses that acquire BSNs are frequently awarded some of the highest salaries in the field. The Nevada Department of Employment has determined that BSN-educated registered nurses are earning an average annual salary of $91,490.

In 2013, the United States Bureau of Labor Studies published the table below to provide a full analysis of the earnings for BSN-educated registered nurses employed in both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan regions of Nevada:

Area name
Hourly 90th percentile wage
Carson City NV
Las Vegas-Paradise NV
Reno-Sparks NV
Western Central Nevada nonmetropolitan area
Other Nevada nonmetropolitan area

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